Colombia - Huila Regional Select

Last winter we joined Cafe Imports on a sourcing trip in central Colombia. During our travels we discovered this particular coffee while sampling some of Colombia’s highest scoring regional lots at a cupping table in the quaint village of Inza, Cauca.

Traveling alongside Cafe Imports revealed the development and improved quality of coffee throughout Colombia. By implementing new farming techniques, technology, and education, Cafe Imports and their partner Banexport are helping create a better, more sustainable product.

By paying producers an additional premium for exceptional Regional Select coffees, importers are increasing the wages of farmers whose coffees have improved in quality and are motivating other producers to implement new practices to strengthen their own coffees.

Bright, vibrant, and lively, this offering from the southern department of Huila embodies the spirit of Colombia. This Huila coffee bursts with juicy red fruit, pleasant acidity, and subtle floral notes.

  • COUNTRY: Colombia
  • REGION: Huila
  • PRODUCER: Various Smallholder Farmers
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Juicy, Floral, Cherry, Pomegranate
  • ROAST: Light

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