Decaf Colombia - Las Montañas | Decaf Single Origin Medium Roast

For years, decaf coffee was an afterthought, but the recent emergence of the sugar cane decaffeination process is shifting more thought and higher quality into caffeine-free coffees. Our current Decaf offering has been sourced from five small producers in Colombia's central department of Caldas and naturally decaffeinated to create a delicious and clean cup. 

Our Decaf Colombia is highlighted by strong notes of milk chocolate and subtle, juicy acidity that will leave devoted decaf drinkers questioning whether their coffee was stripped of its caffeine at all!

  • COUNTRY: Colombia
  • REGION: Caldas
  • PROCESSES: Washed, Sugar Cane Decaf
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Mellow, Nutty, Chocolate
  • ROAST: Medium-Dark

  • Coffee for a Better Day