Colombia - Inza

We first discovered this coffee while attending the inaugural Inza Cup competition in Cauca, Colombia during December 2017. Alongside Cafe Imports, we sampled numerous coffees from the region and found this particular offering from producer Nini Johana Rojas to be our favorite.

Nini owns a one hectare microlot farm where she has planted over 3,000 castillo trees in the southern Colombian hillsides. Nini pays special attention to her crop, choosing only perfectly ripe cherries and allows them to ferment for 24 hours before the drying period. Alongside the help of Banexport, Nini and other producers are setting a higher standard for specialty coffee throughout all of Colombia.

  • COUNTRY: Colombia
  • REGION: Inza, Cauca
  • FARM: Finca Loa Pinos
  • VARIETY: Castillo
  • ALTITUDE: 1980 meters
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Smooth mouthfeel, toffee, orange, honey, tropical fruit
  • ROAST: Medium-Light

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