El Salvador - La Cubana

El Salvador La Cubana is sourced from a family-owned farm in the department of Ahuachapan in western El Salvador. Located in the Apaneca mountain range, the La Cubana farm is owned and operated by the Dada Pena family. Coffees from this region are well balanced due to the rich soil and microclimate created by the volcanic mountains. 

The Dada Pena family is firmly committed to improving education in El Salvador. Years after donating land to the ministry of education, a primary school has been built where there are now nearly 100 enrolled students. La Cubana continues to fund events which promote sports and culture in the region. 

  • COUNTRY: El Salvador
  • REGION: Apaneca, Ahuachapan
  • GROWER: Dada Pena Family 
  • VARIETY: Bourbon, Pacas
  • ALTITUDE: 1300-1470 meters
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Dark chocolate, fig, nougat, plum
  • ROAST: Medium

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