El Salvador

In rural El Salvador, producer Jose Efrain Diaz, owns a small farm where he grows avocado, lemon, orange, and outstanding coffee. His small operation, Finca Machua, produces ⁓70 quintales per year, but the remote location of his farm provides difficult access, particularly during El Salvador’s rainy season.

Our producer works closely with Jose during the sorting and bagging process to ensure the highest quality control. The result is a select micro-lot with sweet notes, full body, and a polished aftertaste.

  • COUNTRY: El Salvador
  • REGION: Jocotan, San Fernando, Chalatenango
  • VARIETY: Pacas
  • PROCESS: Honey
  • ALTITUDE: 1800 meters
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Cinnamon, Caramel, Apple, Blackberry
  • ROAST: Medium-Light

    • Coffee for a Better Day

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