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Guatemala - El Pamarito | Single Origin Medium-Light Roast

Distinct notes of nougat and caramel pair well with the subtle sweetness of honeydew melon. A medium-light roast profile makes this the perfect coffee for folks who are searching for a well-balanced and easy-drinking morning cup.

Guatemala El Pamarito was grown and harvested by Carlos Gómez on his farm, El Pamarito, which is located in Guatemala's Sierra de las Minas mountain range.

  • COUNTRY: Guatemala
  • REGION: San Antonio La Paz
  • FARM: El Pamarito
  • PRODUCER: Carlos Gómez
  • VARIETY: Bourbon, Pache San Ramon
  • ALTITUDE: 1700-1900 meters
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Juicy, Honeydew Melon, Nougat
  • ROAST: Medium-Light

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