Maura Mery Delgado Rosero Microlot

We discovered this coffee last fall during the annual Best Cup competition in Pasto, Colombia. During the months leading up to the competition, producers from around the country submitted their finest microlot samples to be roasted and scored. This coffee was selected as one of the top 30 lots in the competition.

Maura Mery Degado Rosero owns a five hectare farm named Sance Chamanal in Samaniego, Narino. On her farm there are nearly 20,000 coffees trees in multiple varieties including castillo, caturra, and typica. 

After harvesting and depulping, she allowed this coffee to ferment for 26 hours before sun drying the pergamino for 15 days. She then transported the coffee to Pasto where it was roasted, cupped, scored, and selected as one of Colombia's top lots.

In this cup we taste notes of honeycrisp apple and brown sugar. Her coffee is clean, well-balanced, and a testament of her ongoing work to grow and process exceptional specialty coffee.

You can read more about Maura and our Colombian experience in the Montana Coffee Blog!

  • COUNTRY: Colombia
  • REGION: Narino
  • PRODUCER: Maura Mery Delgado Rosero
  • FARM: Sance Chamanal
  • VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra, Typica, Colombia
  • ALTITUDE: 2050 masl
  • NOTES: Balanced, Honeycrisp Apple, Toffee
  • ROAST: Light