Sumatra - Harimau

During the 17th century, Dutch traders introduced coffee throughout much of Indonesia, including the lush island of Sumatra. Coffee production has since changed hands from Dutch plantation owners to local smallholder farmers.

Coffee from Sumatra is well-known for its savory, earthy flavors which result from the island's growing conditions and the traditional wet-hull post-harvest process.

This particular offering from Sumatra's northern region is noticeably cleaner than coffees from Mandehling. Sumatra Harimau is highlighted by a full body and smokey, cocoa notes.

  • COUNTRY: Sumatra
  • REGION: North Sumatra
  • VARIETY: Catimor, Timor Hybrid, Bor Bor, Ateng, Java, Abyssinia
  • ALTITUDE: 1100-2500 meters
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Full Body, Cocoa, Savory
  • ROAST: Medium-Dark

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