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The Farm - Fincas Cometas | Medium-Dark Farm Select Coffee


Chocolatey, lively, and strong. The Farm is a fusion of flavors from Colombia and the Greater Yellowstone. This coffee was grown by the Cometas on their family farms in Cauca, Colombia and then inspired by our family's homestead just outside Bozeman, Montana.

The Farm is a coffee that highlights the Farm Select Program that was created by Cafe Imports to improve quality and prices for producers at origin. 

The aim of the program is to support coffee producers with the necessary tools and education to improve the quality of their crop. In return, producers receive higher prices for their harvest and fixed per pound pricing that helps ensure a more stable income.

  • COUNTRY: Colombia
  • REGION: Cauca
  • FAMILY: Familia Cometa
  • FARMS: La Dalia, La Dorada, La Fortaleza, Potrerito, La Esmeralda, La Floresta
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Lively, Cocoa, Pastry
  • ROAST: Medium-Dark

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