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Winter Solstice - Vintage Can | Seasonal Medium-Dark Roast

For this year's version of Winter Solstice we sourced a delicious lot from Aldo Rey Castro's farm in Oaxaca, Mexico. After sorting through dozens of potential coffees, we finally decided on Castro's coffee for its qualities that compliment Montana's long winter season.

It's cozy and smooth. Full bodied but doesn't taste burnt or roasty. It has rich notes of dark chocolate and molasses that are highlighted by its medium-dark roast profile.

Give it a brew during these long and dark winter months!

  • COUNTRY: Mexico
  • REGION: Oaxaca
  • PRODUCER: Aldo Rey Castro
  • VARIETIES: Typica and Bourbon
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Molasses
  • ROAST: Medium-Dark

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