Buffalo Trail 4 oz. Four Pack

Organic Dark Roast

We’re reducing our footprint by using renewable, compostable packaging and implementing sustainable practices.

Inspired by its namesake, this dark roast is strong and wild. We blended washed and wet-hulled coffees from Peru and Sumatra and used a distinct roast profile to highlight aromas and flavors that are earthy and full. This is the organic coffee for those searching for something dark and stout.

These 4 ounce bags make excellent gifts for friends and family who cherish the taste of the American West.

Product includes four individually sealed 4 oz. bags. All bags are ground for drip.


Cajamarca, Peru & Gayo, Sumatra


Washed and Wet Hulled


Lima Coffee & Garmindo

Small Farm Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing from small holder farmers rather than large commercial estates. We carefully select fresh coffees from farms around the world before roasting.

Artisan Roasted

Our roasting process is a fusion of art and science. Each roast profile highlights the unique character of every coffee in our roastery.