Our Story

Yellowstone Coffee Roasters is a Montana coffee company that roasts coffee on a historic homestead on the Bozeman Pass. Founded in 1998 by nomadic baristas Tim and Liz Weyer, Yellowstone Coffee was born out of a desire to roast delicious coffees while doing good work in our community and at origin.

We aim to simplify your coffee experience. We want to give you the beans, tools, and knowledge to make cafe quality coffee at home.

Yellowstone Coffee Green Beans

We are a family-owned business that is committed to creating a positive impact in our community beyond the scope of roasting classic and fine coffees.

We believe great coffee brings people together. It creates connection. From the farm where the coffee plant first flowers to the places where you enjoy every last sip. Coffee is communal.

Small Farm Sourcing

All of our coffees are responsibly sourced from the world’s best coffee growing regions. We prioritize buying coffees that are grown by smallholder farmers, not large estates or industrial farms. We source coffees that are premium quality, many of which are Certified Organic, and support cooperatives that pay farmers more so they can invest into their families, farms, and

Fresh Roasted

Classic Blends

Classic Blends are roasted with two or more coffees that are mixed to create flavors that are smooth, rich, and balanced. These coffees are consistent and always roasted with the season’s fresh harvest. Many of these coffees are roasted dark and are great choices if you like to add cream or sugar. In these blends, our goal is to roast coffees that remind you of classic Montana flavors.

Single Orgins

Single Origins are sourced from renowned coffee growing regions. These coffees reflect more than the country where they were grown. Factors like soil, climate, altitude, and the variety of coffee bean also contribute to the flavor of the roasted coffee. These coffees vary as light, medium, and dark roasts to highlight the distinct characteristics that you will discover.

Limited Releases

Limited Releases are rare coffees that we roast in small quantities. These coffees highlight lesser known growing regions, alternative drying methods, or rare varieties of coffee beans. Our goal is for you to taste flavors you’ve never tasted in coffee before.

Coffee Country in the Andes

Sustainable Footprint

We are committed to a future that supports the global coffee community and a heritage that values the environment, community, and preservation.

Our packaging is made of plant based materials to reduce unnecessary waste. We compost excess coffee grounds and chaff to create rich soil for the 100+ trees we’ve planted on the YCR farm and roast on machines that are energy efficient and manufactured in the USA.

We support Montana nonprofits that share a commitment to protect and preserve wild places and donate to global organizations that work toward a future that supports farmers’ well-being and a climate that can sustain coffee production.

Our roastery is located on one of the last remaining homesteads outside of Bozeman, Montana. We value preservation, simplicity, and finding ways to use fewer resources while still roasting exceptional coffee. We are committed to preserving Montana's heritage and values and will continue to operate in buildings that have rich histories and character.

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