20 Years Strong

May 01, 2018 3 Comments

It took the better part of a quarter century, but the day has finally arrived! We at Yellowstone Coffee Roasters have joined the modern age at last and have officially launched our revamped website. After months spent compiling images, information, and inspiration we ultimately created this; a product we can take pride in and hope you find of good use. Now, you can check into our latest offerings, shop for Yellowstone Coffee swag, and yes, even order coffee online. We're sorry for the wait, but like mama always said, "good things take time."

The world is a very different place than it was when we completed our first roast in the fall of 1998. The internet has evolved from its original patience testing form into the dominant and consuming force we know today. Bozeman has transformed from a sleepy ski town into a buzzing university hub and one of the fastest growing communities in the US. Many coffee drinkers have branched out from traditional dark roasts and have refined their palates to relish lighter, single origin offerings. In an effort to keep up with the times, we too have changed. Our small business has adapted to deal with increasing demand and the ever-changing commodity of specialty coffee, yet despite these adjustments, our mission and core values have remained the same. Since the beginning we have valued family, community, and time spent exploring wild places more than life consuming business opportunities. To this day, we continually strive to roast and deliver the Gallatin Valley's best coffee at a fair price.

Our growth and fruition of the last two decades would have been impossible without you, our loyal customers. We have been motivated by international travelers who have complimented their coffee experience in Yellowstone Park, and by the folks who have moved away from Bozeman yet call to express their craving for Yellowstone Coffee. We'd like to thank Bozeman's newcomers for bringing fresh energy to our community and inspiring our continual effort to improve the product we create. Most importantly, we would like to acknowledge our friends who have stuck with us from the beginning. The friends who have watched Ben and Will grow from the babies behind the Safeway coffee-cart into the inspired, forward-thinking young men they are today. The same friends who supported and believed in our dream when we began construction on the roasting cabin up Quinn Creek in the summer of '98. In this rapidly changing world, you have reminded us of the importance of staying true to your roots, growing down, and giving back to our community. The travelers from afar, ex-Bozemanites, Gallatin Valley newcomers, and Montana natives, all of you keep Yellowstone Coffee ticking. We are so grateful for you all. 

Cheers to 20 unforgettable years, and here's to 20 more! We promise we'll stay plugged in this time around. 

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Kentucky Ray
Kentucky Ray

November 16, 2018

While on a fishing trip to Livingston (Yellowstone river) Sept 2018 I discovered Yellowstone coffee at a small local supermarket. I am 79 and a serious coffee critic. I have tried dozens and dozens of coffees from various countries. This is the BEST coffee I have ever brewed. If I find out its the water….. I may have to move!

Ellen Kanta
Ellen Kanta

July 12, 2018

This is honestly one of the most inspiring web pages! Beautifully composed! I am so grateful and honored to be a part of your story from the coffee cart and babies to the well oiled family business operating with a much appreciated and less frequently found ingredient: Integrity.
And of course I Love your Coffee!!

Kathy Garrett
Kathy Garrett

May 23, 2018

So glad to have found you again! I have really missed my Big Timber Blend!!!!

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