A traveling man once told me that one of life’s greatest pleasures lies in the passing of seasons. I believe there is some truth to that and would argue few places exhibit the marvel of the days’ changing lengths quite as well as our own home, Montana. Sure, sometimes winter can feel a bit drawn out, but at long last, summer has made its grand appearance and seems it’s here to stay awhile.

The coming months of lengthy days and fresh, clear nights call for true adventure. For pre-dawn alpine starts, nights spent visualizing imaginary lines between innumerable stars, and evenings passed casting caddis until the light of the sun’s glare transforms to a smooth lunar reflection. Montana summers are not meant for rest and relaxation. No, these days are meant to be fully embraced, spontaneous, and powered by heavy doses of great coffee.

For decades, coffee has fueled adventure seekers in their particular pursuits. Luckily, the emergence of specialty coffee has left instant cafe nearly obsolete, and we no longer must settle for the gut wrenching beverages of the past. The growing third wave coffee movement has also inspired alternative brewing methods, which at times can feel a bit overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated.

In this blog, we have listed and described Yellowstone Coffee’s four favorite ways to prepare coffee during summertime excursions. We hope you try them all! 


Simple, smooth, crisp, clean. A well prepared pour over is our favorite brewing method as it highlights the flavors and intricacies of specialty coffee. There are dozens of different pour over setups on the market today, but for days spent outside, we believe no product rivals the GSI Outdoor Collapsible Java Drip. Lightweight, space efficient, and durable, this dripper can easily squeeze into your multi day pack or camp cook box. The combined functionality and delicious finished product makes the Outdoor Java Drip a must-have for your next overnight trip.

  • Suggested Grind: Medium; Consistency of kosher salt
  • Suggested Ratio: 26 g (about 3.5 tablespoons) Coffee : 12 ounces Water
  • Suggested Variety: The bright acidity and velvety mouthfeel of our Colombia Cauca makes the ideal pour over for mornings around camp.

GSI Java Drip


Some mornings you need a little extra. A little extra caffeine, a little extra motivation, a little extra coffee to share with friends. For those mornings we turn to our french press. This classic brewing method produces a bold, full bodied coffee; a coffee appropriate for cool mornings on the water or sipped while staring at an upcoming approach of a high alpine ridge-line. For these mornings, we love our french press from Montana’s own Planetary Design. Its durable stainless steel constuction and high volume capacity are sure to be a hit for friends and fellow campers alike.

  • Suggested Grind: Coarse; Consistency of bread crumbs
  • Suggested Ratio: 65 g (about 8 tablespoons) Coffee : 32 oz Water
  • Suggested Variety: The dark chocolate and toasted marshmallow notes in our Big Timber Blend make this classic offering our french press go-to. 


For the espresso enthusiasts of the world, Aeropress offers a simple yet effective option for you to make homemade americanos, cortados, macchiatos, and more. Click the link to this video to learn how you can pull rich espresso anytime, anywhere. Looking to indulge in a backcountry treat? Try adding warm powdered milk and a piece of milk chocolate to your Aeropress espresso to create a mouthwatering mountain mocha!

  • Suggested Grind: Fine; Consistency of table salt
  • Suggested Ratio: 25 g (about 3 tablespoons) Coffee : 2 oz Water
  • Suggested Variety: Smooth, nutty, and sweet, Big Sky Lift is our favorite blend to use in Aeropress drinks. 


Whether you’re in need of a smooth refreshment during a blazing afternoon float or you’re looking for an extra jolt of caffeine to help push through the last few miles, cold brew coffee provides the perfect pick-me-up for any outdoor experience. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a complex, overpriced brewing system to make cold brew. Instead, we suggest you try preparing your next batch in a french press. Simply fill your french press with the desired ratio of coarsely ground coffee and cold water, then allow to steep in your fridge for 12-24 hours. After the allotted time, press, dilute, and enjoy! We can’t promise the extra caffeine will improve your fishing technique, but it sure can’t hurt.

  • Suggested Grind: Coarse; Consistency of kosher salt
  • Suggested Ratio: 100 g (about 12 tablespoons) Coffee : 32 oz Water
  • Suggested Variety: Our new crop from Ethiopia Limu region is delicious on ice. Sweet, fruity, and fresh, this coffee is easily our favorite to sip in the sun. 


During sleepless nights in the midst of Montana’s lasting winters I often find myself dreaming of the coming weeks. Of sun-kissed skin, legs hardened by testing trails, and eyes opened in wonder of the marvelous planet we’re so lucky to call home. Recollecting trips from late summers past, my mind reminds me that the best days are yet to come, and I so strongly believe these coming days can be made better by coffee; coffee that fuels, inspires, and supplements this grand adventure of life. So whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit, whichever mountain you’re climbing, trail you’re hiking, river you’re floating, or lake you’re paddling, do it with coffee and with people you love.



July 26, 2018 — Benjamin Weyer

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