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Headwaters Espresso | Dark Roast Signature Blend

Headwaters Espresso is our signature dark roast espresso blend. Time tested and always consistent, Headwaters is for coffee drinkers who like their espresso dark and smooth.

The bold, rich flavors from our Headwaters Espresso always finishes with a perfect layer of crema and can stand up to milk and sugar that compliment many espresso drinks.

Our Headwaters Espresso combines subtle earthy notes from Guatemala with lively flavors from Ethiopia and Colombia to create a blend that is bright, full, and well-balanced.

  • COUNTRIES: Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • REGIONS: Cauca, Huehuetenango, Yirgacheffe
  • VARIETY: Blend
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Smooth, Chocolate Brownie, Cherry
  • ROAST: Dark

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