Winter Solstice - Classic Can

Medium-Dark Seasonal Roast

We’re reducing our footprint with bags made from plant materials.


Winter Solstice was roasted to help you find warmth in the darkness. This year's rendition is a single origin lot from Marcala, Honduras. Roasted to the darker side of medium, the result is a cup that's extra chocolatey and low acid. It's delicious in a variety of brew methods. Our roasting team likes it most in a hearty french press.

These vintage cans are multi-use. Throw a fresh can in your cooking bin for this weekend's camp coffee then reuse the cans as planters, garage organizers, or however else suits your fancy!

All vintage cans are 11 oz. and are available in whole bean or ground.


Marcala, Honduras


Washed and Sun Dried


Small cooperatives in the Marcala region

Small Farm Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing from small holder farmers rather than large commercial estates. We carefully select fresh coffees from farms around the world before roasting.

Artisan Roasted

Our roasting process is a fusion of art and science. Each roast profile highlights the unique character of every coffee in our roastery.