Traci Jo is a local artist based in Livingston, Montana. We got to know Traci while operating from our log cabin roastery up Quinn Creek and are fortunate to have her as a close friend. Traci draws inspiration for her work from indigenous cultures and Southwest Montana's grand landscapes. We caught up with Traci to hear about her ritual and how she starts her Montana morning. 

Yellowstone Coffee Roasters: Good morning Traci! How do you wake up in the morning and what time?

Traci: Between 6 and 7 AM my internal clock tells me it's time to get up!

YCR: What is your morning ritual?

Traci: Wake up, answer mother nature's call, put the water kettle on to boil.

YCR: Does it involve coffee?

Traci: Yes big time! 

YCR: How do you take your coffee and what kind?

Traci: I prep my pour over which includes ground Yellowstone Coffee, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cocoa, maple syrup and nut cream. I place my pour over cone over a Yellowstone Coffee Thermos, add the cream, cocoa and maple syrup in the thermos. The spices and coffee are combined and ready for the pour.

YCR: What do you do after your morning ritual?

Traci: I take my thermos of coffee, my favorite cup (not too big, not too small), my book, glasses, a blanket and the dogs out to the adirondack chairs by the pond. I watch/listen to the birds while I sip my first cup of wonderful goodness. 

YCR: Favorite place to drink coffee?


For more info on Traci and her work visit her website.


April 28, 2020 — Benjamin Weyer

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