Spring Thaw

Supporting the Greater Yellowstone Coalition

We’re reducing our footprint with bags made from plant materials.


We've partnered back up with The Greater Yellowstone Coalition for our spring seasonal coffee, Spring Thaw. 

Spring Thaw is a seasonal coffee that’s become a favorite for its full and balanced qualities. This year’s version is a blend of washed and natural process coffees from Inza, Colombia and Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its flavors reminds us of blackberries and spring. It’s an easy drinker that's sweet, lush, and can also hold up to cream.

A portion from every bag sold will be donated to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to help in their efforts to protect the land, water, and wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone.

Read through the Montana Coffee Blog to learn more about Spring Thaw and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition's mission and work.


Inza, Colombia & Minas Gerais, Brazil


Washed & Natural Process


Small holder producers

Small Farm Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing from small holder farmers rather than large commercial estates. We carefully select fresh coffees from farms around the world before roasting.

Artisan Roasted

Our roasting process is a fusion of art and science. Each roast profile highlights the unique character of every coffee in our roastery.